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CHK America takes the confusion out of using public transit. Whatever the application, we depict transit options in clear, attractive and intuitive formats.

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We are the leading provider of customer information tools – and there is a reason for that: we get transit. All of our products help transit agencies to achieve two fundamental goals – increasing ridership and improving the customer experience.

CHK America information products make public transit approachable to potential riders. Once we're familiar with the shape and size of your network, we design an expert solution. We don't just drop lines on paper. Rather, we take the time to know your system – all the quirks, patterns and service characteristics.

CHK America understands what's important because we have "written the book" on best practices and innovative approaches. We know that there are decision points throughout the journey – and it is critical that a sense of time and place be reinforced along the way. Accurate, easy-to-understand information products promote an informed trip.

8 seconds

CHK America information products reduce the rider's cognitive load. Our Number One design guideline is the eight-second rule. If customers must spend more than eight seconds to figure out what they are looking at, they will give up. They'll either seek other information sources – or other transportation options. CHK America's information products capture a customer's attention and intuition within the eight-second time frame. Once confident with the medium, customers will gladly look closer for the information relevant to their trip. Simple-to-understand route schematics and logical schedule layouts – techniques rooted in the eight-second principle – characterize customer information systems designed by CHK America.


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