CHK America is a premier provider of customer information and wayfinding solutions for the public transportation industry. We power over 20 billion trips annually, helping transit riders make more informed decisions.

Meet the Team

We’ve assembled an unparalleled team of professionals. Take a moment to learn about our backgrounds, our skills, and our extensive knowledge of the transit industry.

Portrait of Rick Wood, President & CEO

Rick Wood

President & CEO

Portrait of Jim Gergich, Vice President, Sales

Jim Gergich

Vice President, Sales

Portrait of Chuck Menzel, Chief Technical Officer

Chuck Menzel

Chief Technical Officer

Portrait of Stefan Marks, Director of Business Development

Stefan Marks

Director of Business Development

Portrait of Rob Deacon, Production Manager

Rob Deacon

Production Manager

Portrait of Judd “JJ” Stiff, Lead Software Engineer

Judd “JJ” Stiff

Lead Software Engineer

Portrait of Oran Viriyincy, Project Manager

Oran Viriyincy

Project Manager

Portrait of Donna Amato, Director of Marketing

Donna Amato

Director of Marketing

Portrait of Kyril Negoda, UX Designer

Kyril Negoda

UX Designer

Portrait of Kevin Bibby, GIS Specialist

Kevin Bibby

GIS Specialist

Portrait of Ben Schock, Information Design Specialist

Ben Schock

Information Design Specialist

Portrait of Susan James, Director of Finance and Administration

Susan James

Director of Finance and Administration

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