Connectpoint (registered trademark)

Meet a family of real-time information displays

We make it easier to display your real-time information.

Connectpoint® Digital Signage not only allows you to display real-time, interactive information. It also requires little effort to set up and run, saving you on IT costs.

Our most versatile passenger information solution.

Our ConnectPoint Interactive Kiosk comes with 3 standard modules: Next Departure countdown with trailblazer wayfinding maps to the stop, Bus Route detail showing every stop in your system and the estimated arrival time from your location and the Trip Planner. Custom modules can be added at client’s option.

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A family of compact and portable e-paper displays.

We designed Digital Bus Stop to be energy efficient. It comes with a solar panel and built-in battery that ensure the device is powered on 24/7.

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Two-in-one interactive transit solution for bus stops.

SmartStop combines the wayfinding capabilities of our Interactive Kiosk and readability of our Digital Bus Stop into one elegant and durable solar-powered pylon that can be installed at any bus stop or train station.

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Where they fit in your network

Connectpoint digital signage is modular and customizable. Locate our products outdoors at bus stops, inside bus shelters or indoors at stations and transit hubs.

The Connectpoint Advantage

Simple to Set Up

Digital Bus Stops are easy to implement without heavy involvement from IT, helping you achieve results faster.

Easy to Manage

Set up and manage remotely with our Connectpoint Asset Management System.


Runs on solar or internal battery power. No plug-in required.


Securely connects to 3G/4G and WiFi networks to provide real-time arrivals.


Easily add more units to your network as your needs grow over time.


Protected casing for outdoor use in inclement weather.

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feature-rich indoor wayfinding solution

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Digital Bus Stop

Outdoor wayfinding for bus stops

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Smart Stop

Versatile 2-in-1 digital wayfinding solution

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